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Arada (2018)

In this film, we run with a 19-year-old punk singer “Ozan” on the streets of Istanbul in the 1990s, seeking a ticket that will allow him to travel to California the next morning and “escape” from this city.

Where we enter with “Ozan” and his sweetheart “Lara” in this crazy search process, which continues until sunrise, and enter the depths of the secret life of Istanbul during its golden era. This half-musical journey begins from a disco in the junkyard to chaos with the scent of hookah, to secret parties that can only be entered with secret codes, and finally until the crazy punk concert.

A night with daring and suffocating lovers in this city, stucked between reality and dreams and will do anything to get out of their city … The hero of the film is Istanbul.

  • Director

    Mu Tunç

  • Producer

    Mu Tunç

  • Year